It's sandy at the beach!

It's sandy at the beach!

Schedule your pet care consultation.

Call me at 808-741-4528 or visit my "Shake Page"    to contact me by E-Mail to schedule an appointment.  I will call or email you to answer any questions you have.  In home consultation should be at least two days in advance.  This meeting will allow you to get to know me better, and your pets a chance to meet me.  And this meeting is the time when you instruct me in the care of your pet, so that I am able to replicate their daily care when you are away.  I will work with you to create a customized service plan that includes exercise, feeding, administering any necessary medications and providing attention and play. 

So I may develop a personalized pet care plan designed to meet your needs and trust.  I would request you to complete forms in advance of our consultation.  The forms are simple and a couple only require a signature:


  • Veterinary Release- In case your pet needs any vet care while your away, this form grants me permission to seek care in your absence.

  • Legal Considerations- Provides information about my policies so you and I can begin on the same page.

  • Pet Information Disclosure- This is the form you will fill out to give me all the information I will need to customize your pets' care.

  • Service Request- You use this to specify when I need to be there while you are away.

  • Please have the following at your pet care consultation (if you intend to schedule service at that time):

  • Documents- Copies of your dog/cat health records from you vet showing that immunizations are up to date. Your vet can fax or email these to you. This keeps everyone's pets safe: yours, and other client's. Should there ever be a medical emergency where I must take your pet to a vet other than your own, I will have medical history available to aid in any treatment.

  • Two Keys- A set of tested keys to the entrance I am to use.

  • Payment- I accept Venmo, also cash or check. Your check should be made out to: Finnegan's Friends LLC. Payment is due when the service agreement is signed, before the first service.

meet and greet

We start out with a free one hour consultation.  I'll meet your pet and we'll talk about how we can make their lives happy and healthier.  We will discuss the abilities your pet has, any physical or mental challenges and their daily routine.  I'll make suggestions specifically designed for your pet.

I am delighted at the opportunity to have you as a valued client and strive to make the process you may rely on as easy as possible. 

holly at window
sadie at home

Please plan for about 30 to 60 minutes, depending on how many pets you have and the level of detail for their care.  I will meet and get acquainted with each of your pets.  Together we review your pet care forms and develop a customized care plan to meet your needs.  I will become familiar with where you keep your pet's food, leashes, litter box, trash can and other items that I will need access to while caring for your pets.